SpeechDocFran will provide a thorough evaluation.

Our assessment may include:

  • An initial phone consultation with Dr. Fran or her associate.
  • A home visit with you and your child by Dr. Fran and her associate.
  • A review of any previous tests and reports that you provide.
  • A discussion of the child’s developmental skills, likes, dislikes, and daily routines.
  • Formal developmental testing of your child.
  • A discussion of your daily routines and available times. This would include a list of all family members who will partake of the program.
  • A discussion of your goals and objectives for your child.
  • A written report with results and recommendations within two weeks.
  • A follow-up home visit to review the report, and recommendations, and to discuss if registration is appropriate for the SpeechDocFran Family-Centered Program or the Child-Centered Program.