Parent/Caregiver Coaching

The Parent/Caregiver Coaching program offers instruction, coaching, and guidance for you and each interested family member while providing speech and language therapy for your child. Each of you will learn how to be your child’s best language model. Dr. Fran will work with you, family members, and your child. Dr. Fran is an expert in the development, delays, and disorders of speech, language, cognition, hearing, feeding, play skills, and social skills. She is skilled in evidence-based procedures and therapies to meet specific individual needs.

You are an expert in your child and his/her strengths, likes, dislikes, routines, personal growth and history.

Together we can create a personal plan in your home for your child that includes all members of your family. ​

  • Dr. Fran will work with you and your family once or twice weekly.
  • She will help you to help your child by providing clear, achievable, reasonable goals.
  • She will suggest routines that use your home life joyously while navigating the daily challenges.
  • Dr. Fran will inspire you and support you.
  • She will show you how to encourage your child to play and learn, speak and listen, think and question during all his/her routine activities so that your program suits your child and you.
  • Dr. Fran will help you to manage the rough times with thoughtful plans to prevent, avoid or confront challenging behaviors.